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Friday, March 11, 2016

Making Time for Fitness: Cardio at Home

We are all busy and many times we fall short on time to go to the gym to get our workout in. I'm guilty of not working out for days because I simply didn't have enough hours in the day to drive to the gym, spend an hour there, and drive back home.

Something had to give on those busy days when I could not make it to the gym. Fitness is so important and I absolutely hated skipping getting my exercise in! So busy peeps rejoice: there is a way to get in a fairly quick, super effective workout in right from your home.

I'm going to share one of my favorite at-home workouts that I do regularly. You do not have to have any equipment at all. All of these strength exercises can be done with just your bodyweight. YAY! I do use a kettle bell for the squat exercises, though, but that is totally optional! Implement weights into these exercises as you see fit. This routine is a Tabata style workout. This workout really gets your heart rate going by incorporating strength training exercises and cardio exercises. Interval training gives you maximum results in a minimal amount of time. You can repeat the circuit as many times as you want. I usually repeat it four times, which brings my workout to about 30 minutes. Trust me, this has me sweatin'.

Without further ado, here is the routine:

I hope y'all enjoy this workout. Let me know some of your favorite ways to break a sweat when you're in a crunch for time!


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Getting Married Young

Aren't you too young? You have your whole life ahead of you, why don't you wait a few more years? Don't you want to wait until you finish school? When is the baby due?

Those are only a select few of the questions I have received since getting engaged. I never thought I'd be the kind of girl that would get married in my early twenties. I assumed that I would already have an amazing career and be financially stable before I even thought about having a ring on my finger. I was wrong, though. I got engaged last summer. I'm getting married this September. And oh yeah, I'm only twenty-two. I'm not a teenager, but twenty-two is pretty young by today's standards.

I'm glad I am getting married in my early twenties.

I get to learn what life is all about right beside my best friend. We get to start our "grown up" life together right from the beginning. Sure, we don't have it all figured out like couples that marry later in life, but I'm excited to learn and grow together. Being a twenty-something in this world isn't easy. It's rough. You're trying to figure out what you're going to be doing the rest of your life. You're trying to figure out who you are. If you have a rough day you get to come home to someone you love. Having a support system and a sidekick there along the whole ride is fine with me.

Marrying young means I get to spend quite a few more years married to the person I love. Before my fiancĂ© proposed to me I knew I wanted to be with him forever (yeah, I sound like a teenager, haha), so why would I wait years and years?  Whether we get married 10 years from now or tomorrow, I know I want to spend my life with him.

I realize it will be hard. I know that my life will change drastically compared to those of my friends who are still single and that I'll probably grow apart from some of those friends. I don't think getting married at such a young age means I won't ever have any fun again. I don't need my twenties to party, I'm not that girl. I can still travel, I can still go to concerts, I can still do so many wonderful "fun" things. But it'll be even better because I can do these things with the one I love by my side. He is my best friend. He makes me the happiest person in the world. So why wouldn't I marry him as soon as possible?

No, I'm not pregnant. No, I didn't rush into things. No, I'm not marrying just because my fiancé is in the military. Yes, I realize the seriousness of the commitment.

Getting married young isn't for everyone, but it's right for me. There isn't one cookie cutter path for life. God has a purpose and a plan for everyone.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Update + I made a YouTube channel!

Hello lovely people. I have been a little MIA lately. There are a few reasons. First being that I wanted to spend more time with my family during the holidays. I have also been traveling around quite a bit & it is somewhat hard to collect my thoughts enough to sit down and write a blog post. Also, my creativity juices haven't been flowing lately, I've been feeling a little discouraged. But now I'm ready to get back into gear and start posting more regularly here! Yay! So expect to hear a lot more from yours truly.

Another huge update! I made a youtube channel. Yes, I started making my own videos! It's just something I have always wanted to do. I actually had my own beauty youtube channel when I was only 15 or so, but I was super insecure and ended up deleting my channel. I really regret doing that, I should have just powered through and kept on doin' my thing. But anyway, I do have a channel now. my user name is 'adashofbecca.' If you wanna check it out, just click here. I'm still getting used to sitting in front of the camera and talking, so it's a little awkward sometimes, but I'm having fun. I'm also a little insecure because I am definitely not a professional make-up artist. I'm just showing you fun little tips and tricks that I use in applying my make-up & other fun videos! I hope you all subscribe to me so you can join me on my journey of figuring this whole youtube thing out. I've been so inspired by the other wonderful ladies I see on youtube. Ever since I discovered my first makeup tutorial at the age of 14, I became OBSESSED with makeup. So I hope I can teach all of you something!

Thank you all so much for reading! I'll be posting something a little more fun soon :)


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Rose Gold Glam Makeup Tutorial

Hello beauties! I decided to throw in another make-up tutorial, because I am loving my look today! I pulled out my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette again and played around with it. I can't believe I haven't been using these shadows more, they are gorgeous. The golden toned shades in this palette are seriously perfection. Initially Naked 3 was my least favorite of the Naked palette collection, but now I'm in love!

Before I start the tutorial I just want to let all of you lovely people know how important moisturizing your skin is. Especially since the temperatures are dropping this time of year. I already have dry skin, so the cold air wreaks havoc on my skin! So make sure you moisturize your skin before you put on your foundation. It'll also make your makeup apply so much better!

Now it's time to jump right into this tutorial! First I primed my face with Tarte Clean Slate Flawless Primer. Then I used a foundation brush to apply my favorite foundation, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. You all probably think I'm obsessed with this; yes, I am! (IT IS BAE) I promise I'll incorporate some more foundations into my tutorials soon. Then I used the Anatasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit to highlight and contour my face. I used the yellow toned shade under my eyes, I drew V shapes all the way down to the tops of my cheek bones. I also applied this shade on my forehead, down the bridge of my nose, in my laugh lines (the lines the show up beside your mouth when you smile...does that make sense?), right above my top lip, and a little on my chin. I used the darkest shade to contour under my cheek bones, along my hair line, and my jaw line. I like to bring a little of that dark shade up onto the bottom of my chin because my face is a little long. I usually don't take the time to contour my nose. I blended all of this in using a buffer brush. Next I applied MAC Pro Longwear Concealer under my eyes to highlight a little more and hide any dark circles. 

I used a little bit of matte brown bronzer to set the places I contoured. Next I went in with MAC's Pinch O' Peach Blush, this is just a super peachy pink blush that gives me a nice natural flush of pink. I highlighted the tops of my cheek bones, my forehead, right above my top lip, and a little on my chin with BECCA's Shimmer Skin Perfector Pressed in the shade Moonstone. 

Time for eyeshadow! First I primed my lids with eyeshadow primer. Then I applied Limit, which is a nice matte brown shade from the Naked 3 palette into my crease as a transition color. Next I used the shade Trick, which is a rosy gold color that is super metallic. I got this color onto a flat shader brush and gave it a quick spray of MAC Fix+ to make the look intense and even more metallic. Then I packed this color onto my lid! I built this color up pretty intensely because it is a little sheer at first. I used the shade Liar in my crease, this is a warm shimmery brown. Then in the outer corner I applied the shade Factory, for a more smoked out look. This color is warm brown that is just a little darker than Liar. For my brow highlight I used the shade Strange. I also applied this shade in my inner corner. I blended all of these colors out with a fluffy brush. I used a flat liner brush to apply Liar on my lower lash line and blended it out with a pencil brush. For liner I used MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, this is just a black gel liner. I went for a subtle wing just for a little more glamour. I lined my upper water line with a black waterproof pencil liner. I curled my lashes and applied Tarte's Gifted Mascara

I lined my lips with MAC's Soar Lip Pencil. Then I used MAC's Lipstick in Fast Play. Lastly, I used a setting powder and gave my face a spray of Fix+. 

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! Let me know if you have any questions. If you have the Naked 3 palette, what are your favorite shades? 


Friday, December 11, 2015

Shimmering Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Hello lovelies! I want to share a beautiful, easy make-up look that is perfect for those upcoming holiday parties. Not too dramatic but not too subtle. This look would be great for daytime but can also be rocked at nighttime, especially if you smoke up the outer corner more! 

For this look I started out with my favorite primer of the moment, Clean Slate Flawless 12-Hour Brightening Primer. Then on top of that I used one of my favorite dewy finish foundations - Armani Luminous Silk. Next I concealed my under eye area with a mixture of the Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller and MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. I bring down the MAC concealer into V shapes that just hit the tops of my cheek bones to highlight. I also use this same concealer on my forehead and chin to highlight. I just blend it out with a small buffer brush. 

Now it's time for contouring! My favorite part. Contouring gives me the ability to sculpt my face, which I love! To contour I used my Anatasia Contour Cream Kit. I dot the darkest shade right under my cheek bones, along my hairline, on the sides of my nose, and a little under my jawline. I then blend all this out with a small buffer brush. Next I use the luminous shade in the top middle of the palette on my forehead, bridge of my nose, and my chin. I blend this out with a small buffer brush as well. 

Next I fill in my brows with my favorite brow product of all time, the Anatasia Perfect Brow Pencil. I didn't do very dramatic brows with this look because my brows are so light; if you want to go with a bolder look, go for it! After filling in my brows I went in with MAC's Pinch o' Peach blush. This is one of my favorite blushes ever. It works with about any make-up look I do! It is a very natural looking peachy pink. Then, I went in with my favorite bronzer of the moment, the Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer by Tarte. I apply this bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks and also where I contoured along my hair line. Next I used BECCA's Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone to highlight my cheek bones, right between my brows, the bridge of my nose, and my chin. 

Time for eyes! To start off on my eyes I primed my lids with Urban Decay's Primer Potion. I've seriously used this stuff since I was 14, it's my favorite. For this look I used the Morphe 35O Palette. This palette is currently sold out, but I'm pretty sure it's a permanent item, so it'll be back in stock! This shadows are not named, so I numbered the ones I used. 

I first mixed 1 & 2 and applied them on the middle of my lid, right over my pupil with a flat shadow brush. Next I applied 1 on my inner corner all the way to the middle of my lid with a flat shadow brush. Next I applied 3 in my crease with a fluffy shadow brush. Then I used 4 in my outer corner to darken up the look, I used a more precise pencil brush to apply this shadow. Next I used 5 to highlight my brow. I then used a small flat liner brush and applied 3 on my lower lash line all the way over to the middle of my eye, then I used a clean flat liner brush and applied 1 on the remaining part of my lower lash line. To top it all off I blended out all my eyeshadow with a fluffy blending brush. 

To line my eyes, I used MAC's Blacktrack Fluidline. I drew a thin line on my upper lash line with an angled liner brush. I then tightlined (lined my upper water line) my eyes with Sephora's Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner in black. Next I curled my lashes and applied Benefit's They're Real Mascara in the color black on my upper and lower lashes.

For my lips, I began by lining them using MAC's lip pencil in the color Whirl. Then I used MAC's lipstick in Craving. Lastly, I set the finished product with Make Up For Ever's HD Microfinish Powder. Then I gave my face a quick spritz of MAC Fix+.

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! I'm thinking about making a youtube channel in the near future so I make tutorials that are a little bit easier to understand! If you have any questions, let me know. :) I so appreciate all of my readers. That you for all of the support so far!


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What is the Liebster Award?

I really had no clue what the Liebster award was until Megan from That Positive Life nominated me. The Liebster Award is an award given out by bloggers to recognize other up and coming bloggers, to give them some appreciation! I love this idea. It is a great way to give some lesser known, although amazing, bloggers some more attention. I am honored that Megan has nominated me.

1. When you make a new blog post, link and thank the person who nominated you for the award.
2. Include the Liebster Award Sticker in the post.
3. Nominate other bloggers who you think deserve some more love, who have less than 200 followers on any social media platform.
4. Comment on these bloggers' websites to let them know that you nominated them!
5. Answer the questions asked by the person who nominated you.
6. Create 10 questions for your nominees!

I would love to nominate some wonderful bloggers that I think need some well deserved attention (in no particular order) and my questions for those bloggers:

The Beauty Anecdote
Life Across The Hudson
Espresso Yourself
Coffee Kait

1. What inspired you to start your blog?
2. Who do you look up to most?
3. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
4. If you won a million dollars, what would you do with the money?
5. What is your biggest dream?
6. What is your favorite thing to do when you're stressed out?
7. Do you have any resolutions for the upcoming new year?
8. What is your favorite thing to do to pass time?
9. What is your favorite guilty pleasure food?
10. What is the most valuable lesson you've learned in life so far?

Here are my answers to Megan's questions!

Where is your favorite place in the world?
My favorite place in the world is Italy. More specifically, the cities of Cinque Terre. It was magical. I love being outdoors, so going hiking and spending time at the beach was perfect. From my previous post, you can see that I studied abroad a few summers ago. I absolutely loved the country. Everything about my trip was lovely. The people, the food, the places. Just amazing! I would do it all over again.

What’s your favorite book?
I'm going to be a little nerdy and say the whole Harry Potter Series. The books just take to another place. I love reading them! I have read them multiple times. They are just so full of magic and fun. They are also jam packed with some good life lessons. I learn something new every time I read them. I'm definitely a book worm, so it's hard to pick a favorite book!

Three things you can’t live without?
Hmm, lets see. I can't live without my family, my friends, and my dogs. I don't think there's any explanation necessary. My family and my friends mean everything to me. I don't know what I would do without them. They made me who I am today. And my dogs are just the cutest little corgis you've ever seen :)

How did you come up with your blog name?
I pondered forever about my blog name. I wanted something creative and original that captures my bubblyness (that's not a word, but let's pretend. LOL.) My friend and I actually came up with it together, since my blog is emcompasses a ton of different topics, with a dash of me!

What is your vision for your blog?
I want to help and inspire people. I want to show the world my passions! I want to learn more about the things I already love and enjoy doing, so why not blog about them and have a fun journey along the way!

What makes you smile?
My life. I like where I am at in life right now. I love what I'm doing with my life and I love myself. I am on the right path and I am so proud of myself.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to spend time with my friends and family, exercise, read, and play around with make-up!

Do you prefer a home cooked meal or eating out?
I prefer a home cooked meal. I love cooking!

What are your best qualities?
I'm outgoing and kind. I'm also ambitious!

What is your favorite holiday?
My favorite holiday is definitely Christmas. I love everything about it. From the meaning of Christmas all the way to the decorations.

Here is the sticker to include in your post:


Monday, December 7, 2015

How to Look More Awake

In honor of it being Monday, I thought I would share some tips and tricks I use to make myself look bright eyed and bushy tailed on those mornings when I wake up and look like I need to sleep a few more days. There are plenty of mornings when I feel like I am beyond repair. Dull skin, dark circles...the works. You know what I mean! (...unless you are really lucky, I'm jealous!) These few tips I'm about to share with you lovely readers are life savers, especially on those Monday mornings when you don't know how to make yourself look, not a zombie!

To begin, I love to use a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Unlike most foundations this gives my face some much needed hydration and I feel like my skin can breathe. The one I used today, which I have been loving, is Benefit's The Big Easy. It also has SPF, so that's an added bonus! It gives me great coverage without being too heavy. I usually apply it with a sponge or my fingers, because when I am this tired, I don't feel like pulling out too many brushes.

Next, I apply Garnier's Skin Renew Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller. (Whoa, long name.) It works wonders for my dark circles. It has caffeine, which I thought was pretty interesting. It wakes the skin under my eyes right up. The tint is pretty sheer, though. So I use another concealer with it. I use MAC's Pro Longwear Concealer next. I bought this concealer in a couple shades lighter than my actual skin tone. And yep, you guessed it. It's the lightest shade they make. HA. I love the formulation of this concealer. It's liquid, so it applies super nicely and evenly. It also lasts all day long! Check out where on my face I like to apply it, to highlight areas and make my skin look more awake. I like to blend this out with a beauty blender or small blending brush.

After I have my BB cream and my concealer to my liking, I go in with some matte bronzer and contour just a little bit. I do this to keep my face from looking super dull. This gives me a little color and makes me look more alive! I recently started using Tarte's Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer. I love that this is matte. Sometimes I feel like shimmer is too much, this matte bronzer keeps things looking nice and natural. Then I like to use a nice pink blush. I used Stila's Custom Color blush, which is unavailable, but MAC's Peony Petal blush is very very similar! It adds a nice natural looking flush of color to my cheeks. Then I highlight my cheek bones using the BECCA Champagne Glow Palette. I use the shade Pearl. The Champagne Glow Palette is sold out online, but BECCA has another shade called Moonstone, which I also love to use as a highlight, and it is part of their permanent collection!

Next up I fill in my eyebrows lightly. I'm not going crazy with them here. I just feel so much more put together when I give them a little definition, especially since mine are so light. Filling in my eyebrows with the Anatasia Perfect Brow Pencil makes my eyes look much more open. Check out the difference between my filled in brow and my other brow that isn't filled in. (I am aware I look like a weirdo.) 

I like to apply a some eyeshadow next. Nothing too complicated, just a nice soft matte brown and a little shimmer on the lid! For the matte brown I used one of the colors in the Tartlette Eyeshadow Palette called Natural Beauty. I blended this color into my crease using a fluffy blending brush. Then I popped some of the same highlight I used on my cheekbones onto my lids and under my brow as a highlight. Then I curled my eyelashes, which is a must for me! Curling my lashes opens my eyes up SO much and makes me look more awake. 

Next I popped on one of my favorite mascaras of the moment, Tarte's Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara. ( can tell I might love Tarte, can you blame me?) Lastly I like to give my face a quick spritz with MAC Fix+. It finishes my makeup nicely. It makes it look even and takes any powderyness (that's definitely not a word, but we'll pretend it is) away! It smells amazing, too! Also, nothing wakes you up like spraying something on your face, right? 

And viola! That's it. Pretty simple, huh? If you have any questions, or want a more in depth tutorial let me know. What are your favorite products to wake your face up?

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